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Culvating Curious Minds

Born from a seed of wonder, Caterpillar School Bali sprouted two years ago to nurture blossoming minds in an enriching, child-centered early learning centre. Today, our roots weave a vibrant community of dedicated educators, supportive families, and curious little explorers. Together, we watch laughter bloom, imaginations take flight, and tiny caterpillars transform into confident butterflies, ready to embrace the world beyond.

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A touch of history

Our humble beginnings 

Caterpillar's journey originated with a small group of four children gathered in a living room. As the pandemic ushered in the era of online learning, the decision was made to take charge of a child's education and establish a home school. With the support of a thriving community facing similar challenges, a home school was set up, with an office space transformed into a classroom and the recruitment of the first Caterpillar teacher. This became not only a learning experience for the children but also a social one, addressing the lack of interaction brought on by the pandemic.

As the pandemic persisted longer than expected, word spread about the home school, leading to an influx of new students. The need for a larger space became evident, prompting the search for an ideal learning environment. Eventually, the current villa, a serene oasis in the heart of Bali, was discovered—a beautiful space with fruit trees, flowers, and the soothing sounds of nature. This villa provided a perfect learning space for both children and teachers.

The move to this new location marked significant milestones, from toddlers experiencing grass for the first time to two-year-olds forming connections with peers. The smiles on the children's faces as they transitioned to this tranquil villa are etched in the memory of those who witnessed the evolution of Caterpillar School.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a beacon of holistic early childhood education, nurturing each child's innate curiosity and fostering a lifelong love for learning. We aspire to create a nurturing environment where young minds flourish, inspired by a deep love for learning right from the start. Guided by the philosophy of 'Cultivating Curious Minds,' we envision every child undergoing a metamorphosis, unlocking boundless potential for growth. Our dedicated educators, through hands-on experiences and an inspiring curriculum, aim to instill essential skills for academic success and lifelong curiosity

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Our Mission

We believe in every child’s right to spend an abundant time playing in nature, to experience nature as part of their education. We look at the whole child development of self - regulation, self - direction and self - reflection. Our teachers guide and support the children, providing an educational foundation that supports them throughout their lives beyond the classroom. Our approach is immersed in the cultural heritage of Bali.

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Our Philosophy 

Caterpillar School Bali is committed to delivering top-notch, child-centric early childhood education and care. From the very start, our focus has been on offering high-quality learning experiences that authentically align with the diverse interests of our students and their families. We prioritize the cultivation of genuine and lasting relationships within our community. These meaningful connections are nurtured through a consistent attendance model, fostering strong bonds among the children, families, and our dedicated staff since the inception of Caterpillar School Bali.

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Our Value 

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Encouraging a sense of empathy with the children

Through a project-based approach we practice child-led learning

We really work on building self-esteem within the children

Positive social interaction between children and adults





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Our Team & Facilities

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Our facilities

The entire 3500 sq. ft campus is equipped with CCTV surveillance, ensuring vigilant monitoring of all activities throughout working hours. We prioritize the safety of every individual within the Caterpillar School Bali family, implementing robust security measures

  • Green landscaped area with large trees.

  • Indoor soft play and physical education room.

  • Outdoor learning area for hands-on learning with gardening opportunities.

  • Large swimming pools.

  • Climbing structure

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