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Moving Your Family to Bali: Your Complete Guide

Congratulations on embarking on this exciting journey!


Acknowledging the complexities involved in relocating to Bali, Caterpillar School Bali extends its heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable relocation assistance provided by Our Year in Bali.


Our Year in Bali offers a comprehensive array of services tailored to expat families, ensuring a seamless transition for our community as they fully immerse themselves in the vibrant Bali lifestyle.


From assisting with visa applications and finding the perfect home to managing insurance, medical care, financial matters, and even arranging for household staff such as nannies or drivers, their support is extensive and reliable.


For expert guidance, tailored advice, and answers to all your questions, book a complimentary Zoom consultation here.


Discover a wealth of relocation resources and support packages by clicking here, and lay the foundation for an exceptional life in Bali.


Download File Guide Here

Our Year in Bali _ flyer.pdf

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