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Our Curriculum 

Our curriculum seamlessly blends the holistic and forward thinking HEI Curriculum with the established and well known British Curriculum. We also include academic aspects of the PEARSON Curriculum particularly for the older children.    
The combination of  these curriculums provides the perfect balance between supporting your child’s academic development and nurturing them in developing all of the skills needed to be a compassionate, kind and confident global citizen. 

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HEI Finnish Education Model 

HEI Schools concept Inspired by Finland’s approach to early childhood education, taking the best that Finland has to offer and combine it with other best practices in our progressive, emerging curriculum. HEI aims to enhance childrens perspective, active participation, curiosity, creativity; embodying the importance of play and exploring. 

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national curriculum

The National Curriculum 

The British national curriculum ensures children at Caterpillar reach their potential in terms of academic development. With daily phonics sessions and a focus on the development of Maths and English so that each child at Caterpillar will gain the skills needed to succeed.

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Based on the latest English National Curriculum (2014), with an international approach, the programme is written with learners of English as an additional language (EAL) in mind. The programme includes a range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, and Global Citizenship, for children aged 3 to 11

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Our Curriculum Pillars

The main features of our schools curriculum include: 

A big focus on nature and environmental education-encouraging the children to spend plenty of time outside to encourage both creative inspiration and grounding. 

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Self expression and the the development of confidence in sharing their thoughts, opinions and ideas. 

Supporting each child academically, treating each child as an individual and giving them the opportunity to learn at the appropriate level  in a way that allows them to succeed. 

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The importance of a child’s wellbeing and teaching them the tools needed to understand and manage their emotions and well as developing the understanding of empathy and compassion for others. 

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Encouraging positive interactions between children through play based activities. 
The Fostering of a love for learning through following the childrens interests and making learning relevant and engaging through project based learning.

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The Caterpillar Curriculum Comprises of 5 areas of learning:

1.  Healthy ways of living

encouraging the development of positive wellbeing, social skills and physical development.

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indonesian culture

Indonesian Culture

To embrace and instill appreciation towards the unique richness of the culture surrounding us, we are implementing Indonsian Culture as part of our teaching and learning, starting from the Pre-K level. Students will be introduced to the arts, way of living, values, and language of Indonesia (Bahasa). 

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Extra Curricular activities 

We also offer a wide range of extra curricular activities, with weekly swimming lessons and music lessons, yoga, sports and arts with specialist teachers.

About Key Stage 1

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Key Stage 1 is a phase of primary education for students in England. In key stage 1 , children are usually aged between 5 and 7 years old. The Year 1 age group is 5-6 years old, and the Year 2 age group is 6-7 years old. The National Curriculum in England sets out which subjects children should be taught in KS1.


There are 10 subjects which must be taught in Key Stage 1, we adapted these subjects to our vision and approach  that is immersed in the cultural heritage of Bali. 


  1. English.

  2. Maths.

  3. Geography.

  4. Science.

  5. Design & Technology.

  6. Physical Education (PE), including Swimming

  7. History.

  8. Art & Design.

  9. Computing.

  10. Music.

  1. English Language & Literacy.

  2. Mathematic Skills.

  3. Global Citizenship.

  4. Science & Environmental Education.

  5. Design & Technology.

  6. Physical Education (PE), including Swimming

  7. Indonesian Culture.

  8. Expressive Arts & Design, including Music

  9. Personal, Social & Emotional Development.

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Finland's Education Model

In Finnish early childhood education, learning is understood as a lifelong process. Free play is a natural way to learn physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills. Every child has a right to be heard, seen and listened to as an individual and as a member of their community.


Caterpillar School Bali is implementing the Finland's Education Model starting from the academic year 2023-2024. Finland holistic approach is grounded in the belief that 'childhood is a valuable period of life'. Children are respected as individuals and whole persons, so emphasis is placed on their overall growth, development, health and wellbeing, not just on academic skills.

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Informal Assessment

At Caterpillar School Bali we employ varied tools and strategies for assessing children learning. All teachers adopt best and current practices to assess learning and plan their interactions with the children. Some of the tools used for informal assessment include observation, portfolios, anecdotal notes and checklists. Screening assessments give teachers valuable information about where children are developmentally. They sort information based on defined criteria and help determine individual learning goals.


The reporting to parents is done through Progress Reports Cards at the end of every term, four times a year. Parents also have an opportunity to witness their child’s learning journey through the interactive learning platform ' Seesaw'. Each parent has access to their child’s portfolio, which is an evidence of learning.

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About Seesaw

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Seesaw is a digital interactive learning platform that gives families a window into what's going on every day in their child's classroom. Parents get notified when there are new posts in their child's journal. They can view posts and add likes and comments.


At Caterpillar School Bali, teachers post daily on Seesaw. Once they are logged into the app, families can check their child's portfolio every day starting from Parents can also download their child's pictures or videos once it's shared.

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