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Extra-Curricular Activities

At Caterpillar School Bali we want to offer so much more beyond the classroom, so we have worked hard to get the best Extra-Curricular Activities for our students to participate in. If they choose movement, language, or arts, they will be getting an excellent opportunity to get in touch with nature, and culture and enjoy time with friends.

We are always excited to grow at Caterpillar School Bali, so if you don't see what you're looking for do let us know!
We would love to hear about your extra-curricular idea.

Recycled Arts

This is an after-school program hosted on our campus. This class aims to help children foster communication, listening, attention, and imagination. These activities enhance mental health and well-being as well as fostering a whole range of developmental skills.


 In this class the children will learn foundational fine motor skills, identification of shapes, colour, texture, and while diving into their creativity. What makes it special is how we encourage students to make use of recycled materials to produce artwork. It makes them more responsible towards nature. Our themes will be Autumn, Animals and Nature art.


Children are encouraged to learn and be challenged by the movements, rhythm, songs & music passed on to them yet also given the opportunity to develop their own style. This course invites children to discover, explore and learn the beauties and mysteries of this Afro Brazilian culture.


Above all our Capoeira classes are based on having fun, as a mediator for learning. When a child is laughing, smiling, and being positive, we believe they have the greatest potential to absorb and integrate new concepts.


As we support nature-based learning, we also provide a gardening class for our students. It is one of the sustainability supports we could give to our mother earth, community, and future generations.


Gardening is fun as kids always love to work hands-on, get messy and enjoy the outdoors while learning about plants and small creatures. In this class, our teachers have been trained with sustainable gardening and permaculture concept from one of the most popular gardening communities in Bali.


We provide Mandarin, German, French and Bahasa Indonesia classes. Extra language classes aim to enhance a child's intellectual and cognitive development while improving their brain's executive function by introducing students to multiple languages through fun games.

The class objectives include building the children's confidence, brain boost, empathy & tolerance.

Cooking & Baking

An entirely plant-based cooking and baking after-school program where students will learn how to make healthy treats for themselves and their families! 


We value nutrition and self-sufficiency at Caterpillar School Bali, and that's why we've introduced this excellent program. Students will be able to learn about healthy lifestyles and meals while making their own food and having fun. 

Culture & Crafts

Culture and Crafts is a program that introduces children to traditional culture in Indonesia.


We aim to introduce children in this modern-day to the rich traditional Indonesian culture through crafts and other activities including traditional games and dance!

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