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SCHOOL NEWSLETTER | Term 3, January-March 2024

#WHAT'SNEW in Caterpillar School Bali Volume No 5/ 15.01.2024

Eco Market

Discover sustainable masterpieces created by our students! From eco-friendly crafts to nature-inspired

paintings, support our budding artists and the opportunity to donate some money to a local charity. Join us on 26 January at Caterpillar School Bali and embrace creativity with a green touch. Don't miss out!

Click on the link below to download our newsletter for the months of January & March 2024.

Newsletter Term 3 Caterpillar School Bali
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Chinese New Year Celebration

Join the joyous festivities as we celebrate Chinese New Year on 2 February! The students will have the opportunity to dress up and join in with a super fun parade. Let's welcome the Year of the Dragon together at Caterpillar School Baliand learn more about different cultures and traditions.

Our Volunteer

Introducing Luis from Germany, a 19-year-old high school graduate who embarked on a voluntary project after completing his studies last year. With a passion for working with children, Luis envisions a future as a teacher. He has valuable practical experience in this field from a German primary school and is looking forward to bringing his knowledge and sharing his love of sports with the children at Caterpillar.

Valentines , Family Day

Join us for a heartwarming Family Day celebration on Friday, 16 February! We extend a warm invitation to all families to share in the joy of love and togetherness. There will be no after school activities on this special day, allowing students to head home a bit earlier.

First Field Trip End Of Term Party

Mark your calendars for an adventure-packed week:

First Field Trip to Turtle Sanctuary Towards the end of March we are planning an exciting trip to visit a Turtle Sanctuary! Students will have the opportunity to learn about these incredible creatures and their conservation.

Get ready for a day of exploration and discovery, look out for more information coming soon. 22 March - End of Term 3 Party with Easter Theme Celebrate the end of Term 3 in style at our festive End-of-Term Party! This year, we're embracing an Easter theme, so encourage your child to dress up (no uniform day). It promises to be a day filled with joy, laughter, and memorable moments as we bid farewell to the term in high spirits.


In Finland and Estonia, Valentine‘s Day is also celebrated as "Friendship Day" where people exchange cards and gifts with friends, emphasizing the importance of all types of relationships.

Galungan Day marks the triumph of Dharma over Adharma and symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Our school will be adorned with beautiful penjor (decorative bamboo poles), and students will participate in decorating the penjor

Nyepi, the Day of Silence, encourages reflection, meditation, and a pause from daily activities. It's a time to connect with inner selves and appreciate the stillness around us.

Following Nyepi is Ngembak Geni, a day for social gatherings and forgiveness. Families and friends come together to seek blessings, share meals, and foster harmony.


  • Please be advised that children are not allowed to bring sweets to school during regular school days. Only healthy snacks are allowed

  • Please bring a sunhat for your child when playing outside.

  • Please let us know who is authorized to pick-up your child and children are not allowed to be picked-up by transportation digital services (Grab, Gojek/Gocar, etc) without the company of their parents/guardians.

Join Us for Our 2nd Open House -

"Stay and Play" on Saturday, 3rd February!

"Stay and Play" features messy play, art and craft activities, games, and much more.



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