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About Us

''We are a student-centered learning facility that recognizes each child as a unique individual.'' We embrace the richness and diversity that Bali has to offer and encourage adult family members to participate and become active community members ensuring that all perspectives are considered.

Caterpillar School Bali pre kindergarten

Our Mission

We believe in every child’s right to spend an abundant time playing in nature, to experience nature as part of their education. We look at the whole child development of self - regulation, self - direction and self - reflection. Our teachers guide and support the children, providing an educational foundation that supports them throughout their lives beyond the classroom.
Our approach is immersed in the cultural heritage of Bali.

kindergarten bali

Our Values

Be Authentic 
e Brave
Be Curious 
Be Connected
Be Compassionate 
Be Kind

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Our curriculum embraces children’s natural curiosity and innate affinity for the environment. We believe that children flourish when their natural sense of wonder, awe and curiosity is encouraged through play and experimentation.


Children in the early years benefit from a well-developed holistic curriculum based on the best practices of the early years foundation stage (EYFS), integrated with Finland's education model. Children in the early elementary benefit from Key Stage 1 of England National Curriculum.

Programme Overview

We recognize and value that children's emotional and social well-being is shaped from a very early age. We also know that children most likely to become a confident learner when placed in an environment in which they feel secure to express themselves without fear of judgement.

We create this safe space in our classes by limiting class sizes to a maximum of 15 children. This allows the homeroom teacher and the teacher assistant (s) in your child’s class to get to know your child, and tailor activities to their individual needs specially designed to bring out the best in them. 

We offer the following programmes: Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Pre-kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, K1 & K2.

Learning Outcomes

Environmentally-friendly habits

Academic, social
& emotional well-being

Independent Learning

Exposure to Balinese Culture

Why Choose Caterpillar School Bali?

Elenor F.

"If your child is able to get a place at CSB, do not hesitate.
It is such a stunning campus, so much nature and the teachers are just wonderful. We are so happy here."
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