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''Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome to Caterpillar School Bali! We extend a warm embrace and hope you entrust us with your child's educational journey. It would be an honour to be chosen as their learning partner and we are truly grateful that our learning centre has been the second home for countless children, where precious memories are made.


At Caterpillar School Bali, our unwavering commitment is to provide excellence in all aspects of our programs. we strive to empower children through play, empathy and connection to become remarkable leaders, deep and critical thinkers, lifelong learners, effective communicators and responsible citizens.


We firmly believe that a child's success in school is nurtured by harmonious collaboration between home and school. Therefor, we warmly invite you to our office an any time. Whether to discuss your child's progress or to share feedback and contribute positively to our school community, your presence and involvement is valued.  

Once again, we extend our heartfelt welcome to Caterpillar School Bali. Together  let us create a remarkable educational experience for your child, fostering their growth, curiosity and success."

 -Cornelia Hahnkamm


About Caterpillar School

Our Vision

''We are a student-centered learning facility that recognizes each child as a unique individual.'' We embrace the richness and diversity that Bali has to offer and encourage adult family members to participate and become active community members ensuring that all perspectives are considered.

Our Mission

We believe in every child’s right to spend an abundant time playing in nature, to experience nature as part of their education. We look at the whole child development of self - regulation, self - direction and self - reflection. Our teachers guide and support the children, providing an educational foundation that supports them throughout their lives beyond the classroom. Our approach is immersed in the cultural heritage of Bali.

Our Values

Be Authentic 
Be Brave
Be Curious 
Be Connected
Be Compassionate 
Be Kind

Our Educators 

  • Develop and nurture positive relationships so that the children develop self-confidence, learn to be strong and independent and feel safe and supported in expressing their selves freely.

  • Provide real-life opportunities for purposeful play and promote and engage with the individual child’s strengths and interests.

  • Celebrate the diverse international culture within our campus so that the children develop empathy and respect for the world around them on their journey to becoming global citizens.

Our Facilities

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  • Green landscaped area with large trees.

  • Indoor soft play and physical education room.

  • Outdoor learning area for hands on learning with gardening opportunities.

  • Two swimming pools.

  • Climbing structure.

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